The Clement Hotel, Palo Alto

Woohoo! We’re blogging again. Honestly it feels great to talk to y’all again. I feel like we have so much to catch up on. But for the sake of a rambling rant, I will keep this post focused around the amazing experience we had at The Clement Hotel, in Palo Alto this weekend. 

Y’all, it was exceptional. This hotel is a luxury all-inclusive resort featuring a dining area that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner - along with all the snacks and dessert you can imagine in between. As you can see I’m all about the food from the start - mama’s gotta eat. 

All-inclusive hotels can be a little tricky because sometimes what you get is what you pay for but not here! They truly stuck to the highest level of quality for every aspect of their hotel experience. From the valet when you enter the lobby, to the dining area with prompt and curteous service, their fitness room that has Voss water on deck waiting for you, the rooftop pool that features a cooler full of drinks and sunglasses - because let’s be real, sunnies can easily get misplaced, and their fantastic rooms that have ALL of the special touches such as personalized stationery. They literally thought of everything.

Have I sold you on a visit yet? Not yet? Okay, well what about a TV in the bathroom. I’m already thinking of 100 reasons why that’s a total YES.

So now that you’re totally planning your trip, I bet you’re thinking “but Palo Alto though?”. Yes gurl! Palo Alto is one of my favorite cities in the Bay Area for so many reasons. The city itself is beautiful but it is also in close proximity to many local attractions. The Clement is literally around the corner from The Stanford Shopping Center but if that’s not quite enough to fill your shopping needs, Santana Row is only half a hour away. You’re also right outside Redwood City and the National Forest. For my vino lovers out there, the hotel also has an amazing package with Ridge Vineyards in Cupertino! And because all of us ladies love a good spa day, they also offer a pampering package where you get whisked away to LaBelle Day Spa & Salon for the ultimate experience! There is so much this area has to offer you’ll be stuck between exploring and enjoying everything this hotel has to offer.

Are your bags packed yet? 

I’ll meet you there babe!

until next time, love Ari and Vivi 💕